Wondering where All the Toilet Paper has Gone? One Family Ordered 12 YEARS Worth

As we all begin to realize just how serious the 2020 Coronavirus is going to be, people are taking the right precautions. Instead of simply just leaving it up to fate to what happens next, people are being proactive about what steps they take.


One of the odder things we are seeing, though, is people panic-buying toilet paper. Despite being told that buying in normal quantities means that everyone can have some and we can avoid stock shortages, some people are buying in massive bulks.

One family, though, made a slight miscalculation when they were ordering some loo roll to see them through until the end of the madness. The family decided to order some extra in especially as many stores are selling out, so it made sense – better to be proactive than unprepared, right?

When Haidee Janetzki went to order 48 rolls of toilet paper, she instead ordered 48 boxes of toilet rolls instead. So, when some 2,304 rolls of toilet paper turned up at her house, she was more than a little bit shocked!

The Story that Keeps on Rolling

Australians who are struggling to buy the stuff, though, might not quite see the funny side of this. With the nation gripped by a pandemic and there is a ridiculous shortage of essential items, this isn’t going to be going down as well as some would have hoped.

Facebook /@Chris Janetzki

Production is being ramped up to a 24-hours-per-day schedule, which is naturally putting a lot of people under a needless amount of pressure.

The family, though, simply stated that they were “relieved my friends and family don’t have to worry about it,” – at least they intend to share the stuff. 

Apparently, they estimate it would take them around 12 years to work through all of the toilet paper they have bought. 

Given that we’re reading stories of people selling handwash and toilet paper for exorbitant fees, this is somewhat of a relief.

With the story set to unfold more and more as time goes on, expect to see more stories of people engaging in excessive buying. At least this one was a genuine mistake!