Meet the Wives of the Richest Men in the World

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Did you know that the vast majority of the world’s richest men are in relationships with equally interesting partners? Some of these couples have been together since before all those billions came into their lives, while others are new connections. From women who have graduated with Ivy League degrees to ladies who have their own flourishing multi-million dollar vocations and individuals who hurl themselves entirely into addressing some of the world's most pressing issues, they are just as amazing as their notable husbands.
Indeed, the women who’ve paired up with the world’s most influential men deserve some merit of their own. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, we’ve dug up information on all of the women you rarely hear about in the news. Get set to learn what’s so noteworthy about the ladies these millionaires and billionaires have fallen in love with. These pairs shine a different light on the term "super couple."