What’s the Secret to Adele’s New Weight Loss Regime?

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For many people, musical legend Adele is easily one of the best voices of the last two decades. Her powerful tones have become a notable part of singing history, as she’s landed more than a few major hits in her time. 

However, part of what has made Adele such a fantastic coup for the industry has been her growth as a person as much as an artist.


As many artists are seen as plastic and fake in comparison to the everyday person, it’s hard to identify with them. You see someone who is almost unnaturally beautiful, textbook perfect. How can you relate to them? With Adele, though, you can easily identify with her. 

She’s a very nice, down to earth, and human individual. She does not appear to hide behind her success.

One thing that she is noted for, though, is her battle with weight. Like many real people, she’s never had the supermodel complexion and figure we associate with most ‘stars’. 

However, it’s thanks to her new dietary regime that she’s started on that we can see such a wholesale change in how she looks. Take a look at Adele in 2020 – she looks outstanding!


While Adele always carried a natural beauty that would be hard for even the most talented surgeons to recreate, her new look is genuinely inspiring. And what’s the secret to it? She’s on what is known as a ‘Sirtfood’ diet.

Having lost as much as 50lbs due to the diet, according to a trainer, she’s become part of this diet. The main thing that most will love about this diet, though, is that it permits a bit of open space for two of our most popular allies: red wine, and chocolate.

How is this a diet?

Well, having lost 50lbs across 2019 we can safely say that Adele knows what she is talking about. She’s not spending hours in the gym, nor is she starving herself and cutting out all the things she wants. 

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Instead, she’s taken the opportunity to start changing her lifestyle and removing things like processed garbage, sugar, soda drinks, and other quick-fix snacks we don’t need.

Her weight loss has been quite staggering, with the start-off of a Sirtfood diet starting with 1,000 calories of food which are high in sirtuin. After that, you need to move up to 1,500 calories per day. 

By utilizing powerful proteins in our body that are focused on metabolic health and cellular health, you can start seeing a huge change in how you feel physically – quickly.

It’s a big reason why for so many people, the Sirtfood diet is the way to go. And if you want an example of this diet working, then take a look at Adele. She’s the perfect example of how a diet that allows for a little excess but has a clear plan can be the ideal solution to your weight loss goals.

So, what will you do next? Try it out for yourself: do a bit of reading into the Sirtfood Diet. You might shock yourself at just how wild it is!