What is the Shortest Commercial Flight that You Can Take?

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Today, with the world becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of aviation, we see many flights that could realistically be avoided. Instead of driving or getting the train to a location, we often fly. 


But when the world has become far more aware of just how dangerous always flying everywhere can be, is that the right approach to take?

It’s when you see short commercial flights that we realize just how addicted to flying we are as a species. We use it for speed and convenience, that is for sure. 

But is that convenience really worth the cost that it’s having on the world around us?

The shortest flights in the world often trip that could be made with a car or a train. Some flights, though, can make a wee bit more sense than others in terms of why they exist. 

An Essential Quick Solution

For example, did you know that the shortest commercial flight in the world was based in Scotland?


The Scots have a little commercial flight that they can take. It takes them up to the Northern Isles and you can fly there using the aviation group Loganair. 

Where does the flight take you? It covers a 1.7-mile trip and covers the islands from Westray to Papa Westray. It’s a 90-second flight, but it can normally be completed in just a minute.

This flight trip has been happening since 1967, and it’s a vital part of flying for the local people of Orkney. It’s a lifeline service that allows people such as teachers and school pupils, health staff, tourists, and residents to get around the place.

It might seem a bit daft to have such a small flight, but it really is essential. It’s all about making sure that people can get to and from Orkney’s mainland in a good time. 

The alternatives are much more expensive in both time and in money, so many people simply wouldn’t bother. Why take all that time when you could hop in a wee 8-person plane and fly over instead?

As you might imagine, such as trip has become a fixation for flight enthusiasts and tourists alike. It’s a good way for you to see what kind of aviation experiences some parts of the world need to work with. 

While we often see aviation as an excess, this shows us that sometimes we need to actually consider the benefits of aviation. 

It can help people, like those in Orkney, take part in activities that they simply could not if they were still based on the island without aviation.

So, while it might be used in excess, in this case, we can see the reason why so many choose to go flying!