What If You were Able to Grow Your Own Produce within Your Own Kitchen?

(The Article First Appeared on parentsdome.com)

Today, we’re growing more and more used to working with unique technologies that fundamentally change the way that we live. Even in our homes, we are beginning to see a major tech revolution take place. 


One of the finest examples of this, though, comes from our kitchens. As one of the most commonly used rooms in a home, a quality kitchen is essential to a high standard of living.

Today, we’re beginning to notice a whole new range of high-end appliances come on the scene. GE Appliances is a particular company that has started to think outside the box in a major way about how we can make the most of our kitchens. 

As experts in the smart electronics industry, they’ve been working out various ways to make the kitchen an easier place to control.

Creating High-End Meal Planning Solutions

One part of the kitchen in particular that has been given a lot of focus is the meal planning process. GE Appliances has, from internal studies, worked out that around 20% of the food that we buy ends up wasted and not used. 


That’s a ridiculous amount of wastage and GE Appliances wants to try and put this right with the help of a range of high-end meal planning solutions. The aim is simple: to put those missing dollars back in the pockets of people who are used to food wastage.

Their aim is to try and come up with solutions to help make sure that people can get what they want and what they need all at once. They aim to try and get rid of the barriers between using commercial electronic products at home and being able to make genuine innovation. 

One of their most unique ideas, though, is to create a self-growing ingredient platform in your own kitchen.

A Radical Solution to Food Wastage

By using hydroponics, aeroponics, and soil in the kitchen, it would be possible for us to create what we need as and when we need it. This new ambitious idea from GE Appliances is sure to lead to quite a significant change in how things operate. 


Not only is it expected to help us reduce food wastage costs, but it will have a major impact on the global carbon footprint as well as reducing food waste.

This is quite an ambitious project, but it’s one that shows no signs of slowing down. With over a century of innovation and fresh ideas, we can feel pretty confident that GE knows what they are doing. 

From high-end fridges and freezers to washers and AC units, they’ve become a proper household name – one of the most recognised names in the industry, in fact.

If you have anything from companies like Haier, Hotpoint, or GE® at home, then you are already using GE products. So, don’t let the idea of a tech revolution scare you – GE have been around for long enough to have gained and earned our trust. 

It’s going to make life easier if this ever comes to pass – and given their reputation for innovation, we see no reason why it’s as impossible as sceptics might have you believe.