The World is at Your Command with Google's Earth Creation Tools

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If you have lived in different states or countries or just moved from one home to another in your town, you know homes and even apartments come with their own special sights and sounds along with different smells and changes in taste.

Well now, you can get added help from Google's Earth Creation Tools to help you collect and share your favorite memories.

People have used Google Earth to view our wonderful planet for almost 15 years.  According to Gopal Shah, product manager, their mission is not about showing people the same old pictures of our planet, they want to bring the entire planet to life!

Google Earth's placemarks are for storing points to access information for now or later and share with others. Be sure to draw your own placemarks, add shapes or anything else you wish. Attach custom text, images, and videos then organize your own very unique story.  By all means, collaborate with others!

When you are done, you will be ready to share it with the world.  Click on the “Present” button to take your chosen audience on a tour of someone's excellent journey, a forest coming to life, or a fictional road adventure.

Story-telling Maps

It's been 2 years since Google introduced Voyager which showed guided tours to the world with added stories. With the launch of the next and best step toward taking the power of map-making and story-telling and handing it over to you.

Their new creation tools are now available on the internet for Google Earth. At this time, there is no word when they will be available for mobile devices which currently only support viewing projects.

You can turn your digital world into your very own story and create a map or story about the places that are so important to you. After all, the world is at your command with Google Earth Creation Tools!