The Epstein Scandal Won't Prevent Prince Andrew Walking His Daughter Dowמ the Aisle

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Prince Andrew has been in the spotlight due to the Epstein scandal but he said he will be there to walk his daughter, Princess Beatrice down the aisle.

Shutterstock /Andrew and Fergie

The royal family is holding strong even though they are disappointed in his conduct regarding his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew, 59, still plans on escorting his daughter down the aisle because he is totally devoted to her as well as her sister, Princess Eugenie.

Sources have said information about the upcoming wedding is still not available because the family wants to protect Beatrice from the scandal as much as they can. It’s believed more information will become available at the beginning of the new year regarding the wedding. The royal family simply wants her to have the wonderful wedding she deserves.

Fans might recall, Andrew walked Princess Eugenie down the aisle in 2018 when she married Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle. Eugenie has been by her sister’s side through thick and thin.

No Date Set Yet

Princess Beatrice was engaged to Edoardo Mapelli early this year and it’s believed they will marry early in 2020 but to date has not set the date.

Shutterstock / Princess Beatrice

Everyone wants her to have a wonderful wedding even if the public goes crazy because of her father. At one point, Beatrice canceled her engagement party due to the fallout from Andrew’s televised interview regarding Epstein, followed by his stepping down from his public duties.

Sarah Ferguson, Andrew’s ex-wife, has spoken up and defended the prince. She said the past 6 months have been hard on the girls and herself. She can’t stand to see this wonderful man going through this scandal and the pain he is experiencing. She thinks it’s incredible what he has done for Britain and he is the best man she knows.

We wish Princess Beatrice all the very best and hope the royal family will get through the Epstein scandal and come out the other end doing well. Members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, have been quite strong and this too shall pass.