40 Hidden Messages and Easter Eggs in Tarantino Films

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Though no one knew at the time, the release of Quentin Tarantino’s first film Reservoir Dogs, which is generally lauded as one of the best independent films ever made, was a seed that would spread its roots into many other genres. Bringing seemingly disparate narratives into a sublimely interconnected climax is something Tarantino has an undeniable knack for pulling off. 
Every Tarantino character has a rich backstory that’s only ever hinted at in the films, and amidst the gore and violence that capture people’s attention, coded messages are waiting to be found by those observant enough to spot them. There are hidden messages and easter eggs in all of Tarantino’s films, and catching them only adds to your appreciation of Tarantino’s genius. If you’re curious to see how many of them you’ve managed to pick up over the years, read on to find out.