Stars Who Chose A Second Career

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We tend to think that once you turn into a celeb, there’s no going back from the Hollywood life. but this list of celebrities who opened up a second chance for themselves getting a "regular" job or career.

Tony Danza

Some of them returned to the screen and some are juggling between the two careers, but still - they chose another way of life and we still love them.

Danza has really jumped from career to career. A former professional boxer, he also achieved fame in the Hollywood world when he starred on the TV series Taxi and Who's the Boss? for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award and four Golden Globe Awards.

But from 2009 to 2010 Tony took a break from acting and became an educator! Danza taught a 10-grade English class, in a Northeast Philadelphia High School.

About teaching, Danza has said, “The emotional tug of war that goes on is just unbelievable, and then in the midst of that if you feel that the system doesn’t support you, that your job is at risk, then it’s a very, very difficult situation to be in.”

Today he acts in a TV series and musicals, and maybe a TAXI reboot?

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