35+ Times People Had Fun Making Fun of Themselves

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Humor comes in many forms that range from physical humor to wacky voices to impressions to jokes. One of our favorite kinds of humor is that which comes from people making fun of themselves, also known as self-deprecating humor. Rather than trying to hide their imperfections, this kind of humor brings it out and makes light of it so everyone can laugh. It’s disarming, relatable, and just plain funny. 
Although it’s possible to keep self-deprecating humor to a close circle of friends, another great way to spread the laughs is to share it on social media. That way others can relate to your humorous post and add a funny comment of their own. In the list below, a wide range of people take part in the fun of making fun of themselves. We couldn’t stop cracking up and we hope you can relate and add a funny comment of your own.