25 Hilarious Times Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Trolled Each Other

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Hollywood super-couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's marriage seems to be one of the healthiest in the celebrity world. They frequently indulge in trolling each other via social media, and we're absolutely here for it! In celebration of this cute couple and the art of good-natured trolling, we’ve gathered together their best efforts at savaging each other on social media. Enjoy! 

Pick a Good One

For this couple selfie of Ryan and Blake, the solitary word we can think of is "ew." Blake posted this cute picture of her sticking a finger up Ryan's nose on her Instagram page as a method of wishing him a cheerful birthday. As one would expect, the image was met with boisterous chuckling from fans all over the planet. 

Is it even love if you’re not willing to pick your partner’s boogers? Indeed, Blake's love for Ryan is unconditional.