30+ Incredible Things to Do with Pool Noodles

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Who would’ve thought pool noodles could be so versatile? Yep, pool noodles – the long foam floaty toys we used as kids to play in pools, rivers, and lakes. While they were fun in the pool, they become even more enchanting when you discover all the things you can do to repurpose this pool toy. Indeed, pool noodles aren't only for your children, and they aren’t just for the pool either.
These handy toys can be utilized for an assortment of DIY projects around the house. The material is adaptable, making pool noodles extraordinary for upcycling and repurposing. From securing your vehicle's liftgate and door edges to defeating the Sith Lord with a DIY lightsaber, pool noodles are so flexible that we have been able to discover almost 40 amazing uses for them at home.