People Who Realized Their Partners Were Clueless

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No two relationships are alike, and judging by some of these people, it appears even within a relationship it seems no two minds think are alike. In an age where we have cellphones perhaps many of these situations could have been avoided if a photo was sent to the partner, but in other cases, not even that would have saved them.

They say a sense of humor is a key component of a successful relationship and fortunately for many of these couples, they were able to see the funny side to these head-scratching situations. From failing to follow simple shopping instructions to mistaking everyday things for the most bizarre items. The beauty of a relationship is truly measured by how we deal with our differences.

"Mars Bar Slice"

For those unaware, a Mars Bar Slice is an age-old recipe where a Mars chocolate bar is used to create a delicious chewy chocolate treat using rice crispies and other ingredients.

So when this guy looked forward to tasting some Mars Bar Slices after asking his girlfriend to make him some, he didn't expect her to slice up a Mars bar and say "voilĂ ".

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