Meet Devil Lips: A Terrifying New Cosmetic Trend

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For years, we’ve been seeing the world of cosmetic surgery get more and more outlandish. People are now happy to get all manner of wild works done to their bodies, from the entire reshaping of their waist to massive cosmetic change to the face.

Whatever you would normally go for on your own, though, you will find that one new surgical trend, in particular, has garnered a lot of attention. It’s called “devil lips”, and there is a pretty good reason for that!

It’s known as “devil lips” for the fact that it leaves you with some rather odd-looking changes to your lips. It leaves our lips with fillers that are injected in, and it gives your lips a wavy-style edge to their look. In fact, it can even be designed to include something ludicrous like a pair of devil horns!

Many women are going to get this treatment carried out now, believing that it’s just what they need to stand out. Some of the more adventurous people who are using this cosmetic solution are even having long tentacle edges included as part of their finish, making them look like octopuses!

How did this become a thing?

Good question! We were shocked too when we worked out this wasn’t some elaborate hoax. The main reason why this happened was that Russian Instagram bigwig Alisa Litinskaya decided to get the treatment done.

She posted the photo in early December 2019, posting it on her Instagram to her 100,000 plus followers. With over 2,000 comments, ranging in kindness, it immediately spread to other social media pages.

Russian star Maria Kokhno then posted herself having the same treatment done, and it started a massive trend all across Eastern Europe and beyond.

The process itself was created by Emilian Braude, who used to work as a courier delivering cosmetic fillers around Moscow. Despite allegedly telling journalists that he has no experience in medical training, he’s charging a whopping $16,000 to attend one of his workshops. 

With over 1,500 cosmetologists taking part in learning how to handle “devil lips”, it’s certainly a growing trend.

Are these even safe?

The wild thing about the procedure is that Braude seems to have an aversion to wearing gloves or wearing surgical attire during the treatment. 

Treatment also regularly takes place in basements as opposed to surgical facilities. It’s even been claimed that patients receive booze as opposed to anesthetics when they are undergoing treatment.

Apparently, though, it’s not a big deal; many people are more than happy to undergo his treatment, despite all of the concerns that seem to exist around it. 

So, if you see anyone trying to punt you a pair of “devil lips” as a surgical solution, be sure to look very closely into what you are actually getting for your money!