40 Hilarious Times People Clapped Back at Karens

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By now, everyone has heard of the infamous Karen. You may even have come across a Karen in the wild, finding yourself in an interaction with someone who has a higher sense of entitlement than others. Though Karens can grate on our nerves with their unwarranted rudeness, the jokes surrounding them are designed to be lighthearted. It’s the world’s way of helping them see that they don’t need to take life so seriously, and managers don’t need to be called over every minor inconvenience. 
Regardless of the situation, Karens feel that they should always get their way. It’s no wonder people have resorted to photographing and filming their bratty behavior. Rather than getting angry and stooping to their level, people have gotten creative. If you’d like to know just how creative people have become, read on for 40 of the funniest examples of payback against Karens.