Is Intermittent Fasting a Weight Loss Winner? One Personal Trainer Says No

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When you want to lose weight, you can look up just about any kind of diet you can imagine. You get diets that are all about fasting, but you also get diets that are literally about having your cake and eating it. 


One famous example of this is having your meals in reverse; so starting with your metabolism-activating sugary cake, and then moving onto having your main meals. 

However, one common example of a diet idea that has grown traction is intermittent fasting. But does it work? According to some experts, it’s not as healthy as you might assume.

To Eat Or Not to Eat

Intermittent fasting is the go-to for everyone from busy mothers to celebrities. One expert who thinks it’s a shocking idea, though, is that of Camila Goodis. 

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Goodis is dubbed the “Brazilian body wizard” and is actually in the belief that eating more often is better than fasting. She believes that eating a snack or a meal once every 2-3 hours is far better for us than simply fasting.

Speaking about it to Insider, Goodis said: "There is no human being that can be doing this [intermittent fasting] for their whole life. Your body needs the normal. Eat when you're hungry, right? You don't want to starve yourself."

A Pilates instructor and a personal trainer, she’s worked with a large number of very successful celebrities. She’s also worked with some other big names but claims that NDAs means she can’t say who. 

One name she is linked with, though, is Adele. Though she says that she has worked with Adele in the past, they have not seen each other for years. Most of the time, though, she sticks to the same advice for her clients: eat more often, but in smaller portions.

Eating Your Way to Weight Loss

The best thing to do is to eat small quantities of nourishing whole foods, says Goodis. 


Try and go for something that can make sure you get a lot of energy from it. Think of our bodies like a car. They need gasoline to run, and if you are eating every 2-3 hours you are never near the proverbial ‘red line’.

It’s a good idea for helping you to make sure you can keep eating, avoid hunger pangs, but still remain in a caloric deficit. 

You can enjoy eating smaller portions of food when you aren’t worried that your next bite to eat is going to be 6-7 hours away. So, you start eating smaller but eating more regularly.

That’s a good way to look at dieting, actually. If you eat a lot of smaller portions, you are going to not feel hungry and thus less likely to go and pig out eating the wrong kind of food. 

Is it hard to get right? You bet. But it’s easier to come up with lots of smaller snack-sized meals than to keep coming up with big meals day in, day out. So, can you see why this might be the diet plan for you in the future?