Indian Companies Make Use of Bees to Frighten Wandering Elephants


Every year around the world, many animals are horribly killed by fast-moving locomotives and transports. 

From large trucks hitting small deer on the road to entire families of wildlife wiped out on train tracks, these horrific incidents take place far too regularly. However, one fine example of why this could be a thing of the past is coming from India.

An Indian railway firm has grown sick of elephants wandering out onto their tracks. This often would cause some kind of slowdown in the railway, as the trains would need to step until the elephants moved out of the way. 

However, Northeast Frontier appears to have come up with a novel solution to the problem – using bee sounds.

They have developed a honey bee noise system that is going to be used in locations where elephants are most commonly found loitering near the railway. The aim of this is quite simple: to make sounds that will make the elephant run away. 

The Bigger the Size, The Gentle the Soul

Despite being big animals, elephants have a real fear of being stung and thus will move quickly if they hear the buzz of a bee coming along their way.


With many elephants either holding up traffic on the railway or becoming victims of incidents, more has to be done to stop this from happening. 

Northeast Frontier hopes that by using a system that allows locals to warm the company of imposing elephants they can reduce the number of needless deaths that are being caused to elephant-train collisions.

It might not work, but it’s a creative idea that could, in theory, help to save the lives of many incredible elephants who simply just want to go about their day. If this works, it could help to prevent needless deaths of elephants both in India and in other nations long-term.