Great White Shark Returns to South Africa After Two Years

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The world that we live in is a confusing and often worrisome place. We often see people being pushed out of their own habitats and their own locations through the actions of others. 

Shutterstock / Great White Shark

However, we aren’t the only species who like to take things that we really shouldn’t. Another fine example of this comes from the waters of the world, especially over in South Africa. 

South Africa has become a location where we often see many animals chased from the seas and into new areas. Now, some choose to come back!

Take the Great White Shark, the infamous creature of the seas. It’s become one of the most popular examples of a sea creature that we should all respect and fear in equal measure. But even the Great White can run into a few problems of its own. 

In the False Bay of South Africa, two years ago, we saw the Great White species run out of the area. By who, though?

Nobody Eats The Shark?

Arguably the most powerful creature in the waters is the infamous Killer Whale. These massive creatures have chased the Great White out of the False Bay a couple of years ago and seemed to be the dominant party here now that it was over. 

Shutterstock /Killer Whale

The shark-munching whales turned up around five years ago, and in that time they made quite a mess of the place. Indeed, numerous Great White Sharks had turned up with vicious wound patterns across their bodies.

Sadly, this forced these creatures to flee the area and move away from the False Bay. This has happened in the past, when the Killer Whale made its home in the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. 

There, they noticed Great White Sharks leaving the feeding area and not returning for over a year.

Sharks are Making a Comeback

The last time that we have seen any sharks in False Bay, then, was back in the summer of 2018. Now, though, that is changing. The City of Cape Town announced that a 13ft Great White has been seen returning to the Seal Island area of False Bay. 

Shutterstock / Cape Town

The sighting was then confirmed by Apex Sharks Expeditions; a company that runs local shark cage diving events.

The video showed the sharks coming into the area, marking the first time any had been seen in the area in any capacity since 2018. This was a major boon for the locals, then, who worried that this beautiful species had been forced out of their natural home. 

Now that we know they have returned safe and sound, though, hopefully, nothing like this will happen again in the future.

While it’s always hard to know what the future will hold for a species of animal, the Great White Shark looks to have a very hopeful future in the False Bay once again. Here’s hoping they aren’t chased out of the area again by aggressive and frustrating whales.