Glitter Stink Bomb to Keep Porch Pirates Away

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Mark Rober, a NASA engineer, built an exploding glitter bomb last Christmas adding stronger smells and a police soundtrack to his latest bomb version. It has gone viral online! 

His reason for building this glitter bomb, he wanted to drive off thieves stealing packages from porches outside people’s homes. When you touch the glitter bomb, it explodes and sends off a really awful smell then uploads a video of the thief to the cloud.

According to Mark, over 1.7 million packages are stolen every day! He created the original glitter bomb last year when his delivery was stolen right off his porch. The video had 77 million views. 

At one point, he had to post it again after discovering that some of the victims were friends of the volunteers who placed the packages on his porch!

Movie Inspiration

The new video was uploaded a short while ago and has already received 13 million views. According to Mark, it was sponsored by a headphone maker and featured Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin who gave him the idea for the project.

In the video, Mark said he literally spent the last 10 months designing, building, and testing the new and improved version for 2019. He added - it was a labor of love!

It is estimated that 23 million Americans have packages stolen from their porch and according to a police report, thieves are becoming even more brazen. As a matter of fact, one thief actually left a note thanking the homeowner for the package!

The note was shared on Facebook by the Saint Paul Police Department in Minnesota. Paraphrasing the note, the thief, said he wanted to thank the homeowner for giving him the opportunity to steal the package and thought it was a kind gesture and thanked them! On top of that, he signed it the new owner of the package!

To date, similar technology has been successfully used in Canada which led to the arrest of 37-year-old!