21 of the Funniest Dog Shaming Signs That Will Make you Laugh!

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Everyone knows the phrase: A dog is man's best friend. It's true, without a doubt. But even friends fight, sometimes! While man was out, these naughty pups got busy with all sorts of rule-breaking. Pooch-shaming was needed to expose the dirty deeds!

Doggy Terminator

This adorable doggy takes the safety of his owners very seriously. And that's exactly why he ripped this $700 Roomba to pieces. God forbid a robot mutant invades, on his watch!

With that adorable, grizzly expression, it's hard to stay mad for long! When evil machines take over, doggo already has some tactical experience and a willingness to fight. But a clean home? That's still unsolved, and getting worse by the paw print. Ruh roh!

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