40 Awful Summer Job Experiences People Shared with Jimmy Fallon

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As spring blooms, it stirs the imagination of students who wait eagerly for the final bell that signals time away from academic responsibilities, peer competition, and anxiety about grades. All those worries are replaced by two months of spending time outdoors with friends in the fresh air and sunshine. Summer vacation is a chance to spend time with family and perhaps even earn some cash by taking a summer job.
Unfortunately, these part-time positions often fail to live up to your summertime expectations, turning an otherwise delightful vacation into a horrible experience. Pent-up emotions explode, and even after the passage of time, many people still harbor bad feelings about their awful summer jobs. Plenty of them shared their experiences with American TV host Jimmy Fallon, and we collected 40 of the best. Hopefully, they’ll make you feel better about your job. Enjoy!