Extinct Jobs That Don’t Exist Anymore

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Are you a workaholic, or do you drag your feet into the office every morning? Whatever the answer is, one day your job may not even exist! Yes, one day your job may be as irrelevant as that of the haberdasher, the gong farmer or the powder monkey. Prepare to be amazed by bizarre historic jobs that have gone extinct!


This is one interesting technique to keep workers motivated and entertained at work. Back in the 1920s, companies used to hire lectors to read to the laborers while they worked to make sure they never got bored. 

Sadly, lectors were eventually considered too distracting and the job became extinct. Back to the dull, silent daily grind, 1920's factory workers! Funny enough, lots of people listen to podcasts or audiobooks while they work nowadays, so in a way, this practice lives on.