35 People Reveal the Moment They Realized Divorce Was Inevitable

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The realization that you’re not meant for each other is a brutal one, disrupting more than just your emotions. Long-established personal beliefs, your sense of direction in life, the faithfulness you both promised each other – all of this is thrown into confusion. While divorce is rarely settled upon lightly, and the signs are often showing for quite some time, many people experience a single moment in which they realize that there is no going back. 
Shattered and lost, many people in this position begin to question their purpose in life as the identity they held only moments ago is rendered meaningless. In the empty space that love has vacated, they must foster the energy and the will to move on. For others, however, it feels like they have been released from old chains, and all they feel is a sweet sense of freedom. Read the stories shared by people who’ve loved and paid the price.