Coronavirus Hits Travel Plans

Travelers around the world have been canceling their planned trips because of the coronavirus, however, it is Millenials who are bucking that trend and grabbing the opportunity to pick up some cheap flights.


The younger generation is taking a different attitude to the spread of the virus, seeing it as an opportunity to get some cheap travel.

According to NBC while other generations are canceling the trend is reversed among younger people. The airlines are under pressure and the Millenials have been quick to exploit the fact that this had led to falling air ticket prices and more flexibility when booking.

When asked, a group of travelers aged 20+ said that they would be looking at taking up these offers to grab a fun vacation or go to visit family. Their view is that if the virus is to kill many thousands of people then having fun while they can is a top reason to travel. 

Many of these younger people usually avoid summer travel because of the higher cost but this year they will now be taking advantage of the lower prices to book up.

Living in the Moment and Seizing the Opportunity

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Covid-19 a pandemic and those over the age of 60 are at particular risk of severe illness.


However, while younger people are not immune to the disease, particularly those with certain health conditions, the likelihood is that for the majority the disease will be relatively mild.

Many Millenials are now online mocking their own attitude to travel amid an international health crisis. 

This generation places a high value on having experiences rather than purchasing material goods, with travel being one of their key motivators when searching for employment.

In fact, it is this generation that has been driving growth within the travel industry over the last few years. On average they take 35 days of vacation each year, far more than other age groups and they are also willing to spend a lot more.

That said, they are also keen to find a bargain and look for options where they can experience more for less. This has partly been responsible for the increased growth in cheaper accommodation options like Air BnB.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the current drop in airfares is proving popular even in the face of increased risk of infection.