Cool Vintage Photos That Will Make You Smile

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Looking at old photos of celebrities and stars is a lot of fun and brings back many images of days gone by.  We have collected 60 photos to share with you and hope you enjoy each and every one. We have vintage photos of John F. Kennedy and Jackie and of Cheech and Chong when they were young and starting off.

Flip through and take a sentimental journey back in time.  Pictures of The Rock when he was a kid and Marilyn Monroe posing for the camera. You will find some of your favorite stars from the 70s and 80s and others from the 50s. Come join us and just have fun!

Lynda Carter Battling With The Network Stars

During the 70s and early 80s, a very popular show on television was called Battle of the Network Stars.  It showed celebrities engaging in various athletic contests and was hosted by legendary sports announcer Howard Cosell.

The show let celebs show off their athletic abilities while wearing tight-fitting swimwear.  You can watch Scott Baio take on Sonny Bono in a track and field event.

In this photograph, you can see Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) limbering up for one of The Battle Of The Network Stars episode. Some events included Tug o' War, The Obstacle Course, and the Dunk Tank.  Viewers tuned in to find out which network would win this time around.