One-of-a-Kind Designs That Makes Cities A Better Place To Live In

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Urban design is a part of our everyday lives, and we’re so used to it that it can easily blend into the background. Let’s not forget that living in the city is exhausting, fighting for space with tall buildings, commercial shops, and billboards. However, if we observe our surroundings, we are bound to find unique designs in the world. No matter how many times we pass certain features on our daily walks, everything can become a new experience.

Some designs are so strange that they’ll make you wonder how another human managed to come up with something so unusual. Others are fascinating because they have a story behind them, represent something meaningful in history, or are technologically advanced. To celebrate the world of urban design, we’ve gathered one-of-a-kind structures from all over the world to show you. Who knows, you might find something in your country that you’ve missed before.