Chicago Aquarium Allows Penguins to Roam Around During Lockdown 

For many people, one thing that can always feel a little off about visiting an aquarium is seeing all of the creatures that are unable to get out of there. To some, they can seem like trapped little souls who have had their freedom revoked. And while that can feel horrible indeed to see as a person, it’s times like the COVID-19 outbreak that we get to see ‘behind the scenes’. With many aquariums and the like shut down due to the viral outbreak, many creatures are being allowed more freedom than usual.

For example, the Chicago Aquarium has decided to let their penguins take over the place and just start walking around visiting their aquatic allies. Videos were posted of the little penguins making their way around the place, making sure that they can have a lot of fun and enjoyment during the process.

Shedd_aquarium | Twitter

It’s going to be tough for a lot of the penguins and other animals without anything really going on in their lives for the foreseeable future. So, the decision to let them just roam around and tape the whole thing seems like a good idea. This is why they have decided to try and let the world see what goes on with their penguins when the eyes of the world aren’t on them – at least not in person.

This awesome video shows us a whole host of these little penguins all roaming around the place enjoying the place all to themselves. While the rest of the world has their own freedom closed down (for a good reason it has to be said), these penguins are enjoying more freedom than they have at any point in their life.

You can watch them run around the place and just enjoy the art of exploration. To be honest, they run around with the same sense of wonderment and exploration that you can see from your kids the first time you take them to something like an aquarium!

That’s why any parent who is looking for an easy way to give their kids a truly amazing experience should be looking to show them this video. It might just give your kids some help in realizing how much fun they could be having the next time they go to the aquarium.

Who bets that next time these places are open to the public that we will see kids running around and emulating their penguin pals?