Bill Gates Foundation Aims to Provide Coronavirus Testing Kits at Home

With the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak now a global problem, people are waking up to the reality of what is happening. Social distancing, self-isolation, rationing of goods, and working from home are all going to be a long-term part of our futures. 


It’s just what is going to become the norm as we move forward in this new world. However, some people are springing into action to try and fill the leadership void that many nations are now unfortunately facing.

With many governments simply not capable or prepared to do what is needed to bring an end to coronavirus, some companies are stepping up. One company who is linked to making major progress so far is the Bill Gates Foundation. 

The foundation has started working on making sure that coronavirus home testing kits can be sent out there to as many people as is possible. Testing is seen as a vital part of making sure we can work out who has the condition and who does not. 

People can then self-isolate and protect one another from contracting the condition. 

This should not only help the medical services in reducing testing demand but also play a role in helping to reduce the number of people with mild symptoms who could recover at home from being in a hospital.

With the virus seemingly targeting the senior and the immuno-compromised the most, it’s essential that there is enough space for people to get treatment who need it most. 

Those who could recover via self-isolation are becoming a vital part of the process, which is why testing kits are going to be so important. With many governments failing to take testing seriously, though, it’s down to charitable foundations and actions to step up and fill in the blanks.

BMGF to the Rescue?

Testing is to be essential in helping us defeat this condition. It’s why using a simple nose swap that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have started creating will ensure that people in Seattle can get immediate, simple testing. 


The sample is then returned for analysis, and results will be delivered in just two days.

This will ensure that anyone who has tested positive of the virus can then take the next steps to try and get treatment. At-home testing kits will mean that those who are sick can begin isolation, saving them going to see a doctor and thus passing on the condition to others.

This will also help to better track the spread of the virus easier and ensure that hot spots of where the virus seems to be spreading fastest can be spotted. 

However, there is no immediate date for when all of this will be available; according to news sources in Seattle, the aim is simply to be as quick as can be possible.

With $100m invested in the global virus effort by the BMGF, though, it’s safe to say that the company is taking proper action to try and bring an end to what is a pretty terrifying situation all-round.