Beard Phtographer Shows Us the True Beauty of Facial Hair

For most men, the concept of growing a fantastic beard is a dream they long to fulfill. While many of our jobs mean that we need to keep a very professional looking beard, others have the chance to go for it and grow something spectacular. Indeed, one expert photographer decided to spend a large amount of time going around picking up the photos of some truly special beard arrangements.

If you are currently enduring COVID-19 lockdown with the help of an impressive beard, then take a look at some of the amazing shots taken. It might just give you the inspiration that you need to keep on going with that beard of yours!

When your beard reaches that horrible and itchy phase, it might be time to think about taking it off. But yet, if you look at these images, you will be able to find something to keep you inspired to keep ongoing. So, take a look at the amazing beards that Mr. Roberto Pazzi has managed to snap as he has gone about his daily duties as a photographer. Who knows what you’ll decide to go with when you see these simply spectacular beards on display?

For four years, Pazzi decided to go around the world and leave his home city of Milan. He decided to head out and take on beards from all across the world, finding people with unique and exceptional beards to capture a photo of. With beards becoming an in-thing in the last decade or so, people want to get inspired by beards that break conventional rules and simply look awesome. And this is what Mr. Pazzi has been focusing on – getting snaps of amazing beards from across the world that look simply spectacular!

See some of the most spectacular beards known to man today:

That’s why you might just find his amazing photography a fine place to look for inspiration. From brightly colored beards to beards longer than you longest hair, you will find some spectacular ideas in his collection. From the old-school hipsters in Asia to men who have gone to great lengths to create an elongated beard in Europe, Pazzi has captured some pretty spectacular facial hair over the last five or so years.