Australian Student Buys First Ever Lottery Ticket, Wins Six Figures

Have you ever had the dream of your first time at something being so memorable you never forget?

One student in Australia has just enjoyed that feeling. The Aussie student decided to buy his first-ever lottery card. And with that card, their luck was very much in; the Australian was able to win a whopping $600,000 in prize money. The student said that he had ignored advice from a friend and decided to buy the ticket – winning a life-changing sum of money at the same time!


He visited the Media Lottery Center & News in Western Australia and bought a ticket for the Monday Lotto despite his mate suggesting he abstain. Luckily for him, he listened to his gut and now he’s a cool half-a-million richer. Apparently, he ‘never’ has any luck, but this appears to have changed for the student in quite the most ridiculous manner.

Planning to celebrate his winnings with ‘lobster and Guinness’, the Australian student said: "I checked my ticket at home that night and when I realized I'd won, I literally slapped myself because I thought I was dreaming.”

I can’t quite imagine what it must feel like to make such a big life-changing discovery by something as trivial as a lottery. Still, as they say, down under, congratulations mate!