Relatable Frustrations: 40 of Life’s Annoying Moments Captured

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Most people are more distracted by the annoying little things in life than they’re willing to admit. As frustrating as small inconveniences are, they are inconsequential matters when compared to our greater goals and the many problems the world faces. But we can’t help it. We are still bothered by the mini injustices of daily existence that tease us and derail our focus and motivation. 

From asymmetry in parking lots to recorded robotic responses on company phone lines, these things get to us more than they should. If you feel like all the little things have been hitting you particularly hard lately, know that you are not alone. We can all relate, and to prove it, we’ve collected 40 of the most annoying injustices that we all face in our daily lives. Hopefully, we’ll all feel a little calmer when we reach the end of the list!