€11M Return on Berlin’s Start-up Home For Landlord Tenant Solution

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Living in the city of Berlin is both rewarding and regretful for the majority. It’s a city with much to do and much to see, but often confusing landlord-tenant relationships. 


That’s why start-ups such as Home is so important. This Berlin-based start-up has come up with some very interesting ideas to try and stop the landlord-tenant solution from worsening.

Home has grown rapidly, starting out as an app development for rental management but is now a direct solution to landlord-tenant disputes. It has been able to raise a whopping €11m in funding there from its Series A funding program. 

It was backed by major names in the industry such as Redalpine and EQT Ventures. This will see the product further innovated and added to, with more features on the tenant side of the debate. 

Also, the plan is to take Home out of Berlin and to bring it to more cities around the country, continent, and world.

It’s going to help give both tenants and landlords the one place to work with. The landlord can receive offers for their property, and then sign everything off through the use of Home. 

This will let them have a digital lock fitted to the apartment, and the landlord can then collect their rent much easier.

Rental Game Changer

It’s all about trying to help property owners get away from having to become experts in things like rental laws, legislation for rental, maintenance, and rental rates. It also gives tenants a much easier, open experience.


They know exactly what they are paying, why they are paying it, and how to get in/out of their apartment building.

With 24/7 support provided from Home, too, it’s safe to say there is ample interest in this particular project. It’s grown very quickly indeed and has already been included in Hamburg and in Munich. 

With over 1,000 landlords requesting an offer from Home every month, this is growing rapidly. They intend to reach an international city by October of 2020, with other major German cities by the Spring.

Expansion looks set to come in the long-term, then. The app has already grown rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down on that growth. 

With more requests set to come as the company continues to expand into new regions, we can expect even more transformative change to come in the near future. 

This is a massive opportunity to help re-direct the way in which tenants and landlords communicate with one another. Done right, this could be a genuine game-changer for both parties.